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From: Bob Crangle <>
Date: Fri Jun 18 2004 - 22:54:11 EEST

At the February AAAS annual meeting I sat through a presentation on the
DHS research program and came away thinking that it is not clear what
DHS means by "rapid prototyping", although it appears as a standalone
line in their viewgraphs and budget description. It is supposedly to
accelerate new product development for first responders, and often to do
it by using any old technique that will get the gear to the firefighter
faster - not anything we commonly call rp. Much of their rp effort is
coordinated through their interagency Tech Support Working Group, which
is really aimed at counterterrorism tech product development. In fact,
I think the whole $75 million may be earmarked internally for mostly
TSWG projects. I also think they view some of it as Information
Technology rp: computer modeling kinds of stuff. If anyone on the list
is looking for fed funds to use rp to quickly put new products into
ambulances - well, DHS is a good place to look.
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Hello everyone,
Has anyone seen the following? Anyone know what "$75 million for rapid
prototyping" really means?
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