[rp-ml] Used MMII for Sale

From: Hannu Taskinen <hannu.taskinen_at_uniondesign.fi>
Date: Tue Jun 22 2004 - 14:05:51 EEST

Dear List,

We have a used Solidscape MMII machine for sale.
Serial number is 336 (if someone wants to know the technical status from
Solidscape's records - upgrades and so on).
Machine is not under service contract.
It has new build jet and fairly new support jet.
Also most of the controllers are fairly new.
We are selling it because our need for modellig has been decreased.
Last maintenance has been done by factory people in 2002 and since that it
has been used very little.
We are asking 12 000 euros (VAT 0%) for the machine.
Price does not include freight.

We are also willing to sell our support wax removing system (liquid is
circulated by pump
and it has also automatic heat control - originally build from a big ultra
cleaner from FinnSonic m15,
which is deep enough for bigger parts).
20 liters of wax removing liquid included.
We are asking 2 000 euros (VAT 0%) for the remover.
Price does not include freight.

If you are interested, please contact:

Hannu Taskinen
Union Design Oy (Ltd)
gsm +358 - 40 - 50 767 84
fax +358 - 9 - 622 00 00 6
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