RE: [rp-ml] SLS Powder Life - example situation.

From: Scott Tilton <>
Date: Thu Jun 24 2004 - 17:53:23 EEST

From: David K. Leigh [] Wrote:

But, if I were to guess on the results. I would think the part heater
setpoint will have more effect on the powder degradation than the time it is
heated in the part cake.

I'm sure that's very true.
It has been a LONG standing point of contention of mine about the various
machine's abilities to evenly heat the part bed and control it accurately.

Tech Support's line was always something like "all machines are going to
have hot or cold spots. It is normal."

What I could never get from them was how much of a gradient was considered
"normal" or acceptable.

I have a feeling if they published a specification like that . . . they'd be
flooded with customers wanting their machines to be repaired.

How does the EOS plastic machine rate as far as thermal controls of the
build area?

On my DTM 2500+ . . . I've got hot and cold spots that are both on the
"outer" edges of the part cylinder.
So changing the inner outer ratio helps one spot, but hurts another.

Keep the temperatures low to avoid burning up the powder.
However I have to worry about in build curling in the cold spot.
Bring the temp up high enough to avoid the curling there . . and the hot
spot is going to have brick -like powder cake in it.

Nice to see that the RPML is still active.

Scott Tilton
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