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Date: Mon Jun 28 2004 - 16:41:00 EEST

Hi folks:

Most of us probably missed it, but I was certainly surprised to see a segment
on the NBC network evening news Saturday about Berok Khoshnevis' Contour
Crafting technology for the additive fabrication of structures. His lab at the
University of Southern California was shown building small items and the method
was contrasted with typical, labor-intensive construction methods.

Interestingly, the process was not named in the voice-over, nor were the
terms RP, additive fabrication, etc. used as far as I can recall. It might be
possible to get an archived video clip from NBC - I haven't checked. But there
was an article on our site a while back about this technology in case you want
to take a look. The link to it is on this page and it will take you to Berok's
web site:


Apparently it takes a very long time for things to seep into the public

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