[rp-ml] Medical Grade SLA resins

From: Gary Schulberger <GARYS_at_paramountind.com>
Date: Thu Jul 01 2004 - 17:38:24 EEST

Hello all,
I'm interested in learning more about any Medical Grade resins. I do have a
Huntsman brochure that highlights their 4 resins, from our last UG
conference but I do not remember seeing other Medical Grade manufacturers at
the conference or the RP&M conference, either. I do have to be honest & say
I wasn't looking for this type of resin at that time as well as suffering
from information overload!
As I understand the "bio-compatible" issues, there are various classes or
levels of compatibility. Huntsman materials fit the USP Class VI testing.
Are there other manufacturers of Medical Grade resins & if so what are the
class ratings?
I'm also interested in locating service bureaus utilizing these resins.
Thanks to all that made the last (& my first) User's Group Conference, very
Best regards,
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