[rp-ml] Some equipment for sale

From: Richard M. Harrington <rharrington_at_harringtonpdc.com>
Date: Thu Jul 01 2004 - 23:01:08 EEST

Hello List,
We are moving to a new location and liquidating some of our equipment.
I just wanted to see if anyone is interested.
Here is a list:
Various Pressure vessels ranging from 2 gallon to 60 gallon
Vacuum Chamber
A few vacuum pumps
2 injection molding machines
Milltronics CNC machine
Old Bostomatic CNC machine
Vacuum Form machine
Spray metal system
Vacuum Casting System
Several ovens including 1 real large one
2 Compression Molding machines
Japax CNC EDM machine
Complete phone system
Let me know of any interest
Rick Harrington
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