[rp-ml] Re: R-P Material Samples for Tactile Math Show

From: Stewart Dickson <dicksonsp_at_ornl.gov>
Date: Fri Jul 09 2004 - 19:49:39 EEST

Thanks to all who responded to my call for samples of R-P for proposed
museum exhibit.

Has everyone seen the new commercial for the Honda Element?
Does everyone remember BPM (Ballistic Particle Manufacturing)?
3-D Ink-jet printing? This movie looks, conceptually, like a 3-D
Systems Thermojet in action to me --
in a metaphor that people can understand (Lego).

I would like to juxtapose video like this with footage of actual R-P
machines in action.
Particularly, FDM is very entertaining to watch. Stereolithography used
to be like watching paint dry,
and the beam was hard to photograph -- Has anyone succeeded in making a
more attractive
film of a modern SLA in action?

Can anyone recommend any other sources of film, video or poster media on

Here is a bullet-list of guidelines for ideal exhibit design:

   o Attractive -- a drawing card.
   o Educational and informative.
   o Interactive and hands-on.
   o Durable and low-maintenance.
   o Typically no more than 500 words.
   o Oriented to the lay person with minimal technical jargon.
        (6th-grade level -- Think of Bill Nye, the Science Guy)
   o Describe the relevancy to our everyday lives, usefulness.

Thank you!

-Stewart Dickson

Stewart Dickson wrote:

> Hello,
> I am looking for a supply of sample parts of various materials from
> Rapid prototyping with company logos included.
> I am looking for what would be small, inexpensive Promotional items
> demonstrating 3-D printing (and equivalent) technologies.
> The application is a proposed exhibit of mathematical models titled
> "Tactile Mathematics" at the American Museum of
> Science and Energy in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. <http://www.amse.org>
> <http://emsh.calarts.edu/~mathart/Tactile_Math.html>
> <http://emsh.calarts.edu/~mathart/portfolio/SPD_Math_portfolio.html>
> The exhibit is intended (hoped) to be as "hands-on" and interactive as
> possible. We will exhibit more valuable models behind
> glass, but we want to put at least something which was computer
> manufactured into the hands of the visitors. We won't
> encourage, but will expect to necessarily lose one or two of these
> sample items every few weeks. This is why we would like
> to have company names embedded in the samples, so that they will at
> least be self-identifying, wherever they might travel.
> If possible, we would also like to include visual material in the
> exhibit demonstrating (visually, schematically) how the
> sample part was "printed" by computer.
> Please reply to:
> Stewart Dickson, Visualization Researcher
> Computer Science and Mathematics Division
> Oak Ridge National Laboratory
> http://www.csm.ornl.gov/~dickson
> Thank you!
> - http://us.imdb.com/Name?Stewart+Dickson
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