Re: [rp-ml] Re: R-P Material Samples for Tactile Math Show

From: Marshall Burns <>
Date: Fri Jul 09 2004 - 23:13:24 EEST

Hi Stewart,

> Has everyone seen the new commercial for the Honda Element?
> Does everyone remember BPM (Ballistic Particle

        Great image. Thanks for posting that.

> Stereolithography used
> to be like watching paint dry,

        That may be true for watching an entire built, but I still
remember the first time I saw an SLA in action. It was in Pete Sferro's
lab at Ford in 1991. I felt like I had stepped onto the set of a science
fiction movie. An eerie blue glowing spot darted across the surface of
the goo, tracing the outline of a half-existent object that could be
barely seen underneath. It was surreal. And it still looks the same

Best regards,
Marshall Burns
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