Re: RE: [rp-ml] Buildable Type Font

From: John Brock <>
Date: Mon Jul 12 2004 - 20:17:09 EEST

    Rhino can build curve, surface, or solid text from nearly any TrueType
font you had installed on your Windows system. Some fonts (a small few)
have bad outlines that skip or double back on themselves so they need to be
created as curves first, cleaned up, and then extruded (with or without a
taper) and capped to work. Most fonts are fine. If you want a different
shape than you have a font for, you can model the shape yourself and go from
there. I've done a lot of it.
    Try it yourself with the free eval. version. It has 25 saves before it
looses that ability. Yes, I work there. I do tech
support and development testing.

John Brock
Technical Support
Robert McNeel Associates
Received on Mon Jul 12 19:30:04 2004

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