[rp-ml] RP Journal paper reviewers in Asia

From: Ian Gibson <igibson_at_hku.hk>
Date: Tue Jul 13 2004 - 11:36:13 EEST

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Dear RP Community

I am contacting academic colleagues in Asia who would be prepared to put
their name on a database of reviewers for the Rapid Prototyping Journal.
Recently, the RP Journal has evolved to cope with the increasing number of
papers and we now have a series of regional editors. As regional editor for
Asia, I would like to build up a local database of reviewers from Asia.

Please send me your contact details, some background information and areas
of expertise. I will then include them in my database. I will also try to
ensure as much correspondence as possible will be carried out by email.

Also, authors from Asia can send their papers directly to me for review.
Alternatively, any papers from Asia sent directly to Emerald Publishing
will be forwarded to me for review. Incidentally, papers submitted from
Asia does not necessarily mean the reviewers will also be from there.

I suspect after seeing this, you might also get similar messages from Brent
Stucker in the US, and Ian Campbell for Europe and Africa.



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