[rp-ml] Bitmap to STL file

From: joseph gallagher <jophuds_at_yahoo.co.uk>
Date: Wed Jul 14 2004 - 22:05:06 EEST


I am trying to convert a Bitmap image to a STL file
using the grey levels in the Bitmap as a guide to the
depth of piece. The image is a medical image,
initially in DICOM format. I've used DicomWorks to
window the image and convert it to a bitmap file.

I am using the Matieralise s/w Magics 9.14 'Create
from Bitmap' function. I am encountering some problems
with this. The size of the image is 1914*2294*24bit(or
32bit). This causes Magics to 'stop responding' and I
eventually have to kill the process. However if I use
bitmaps of smaller sizes (e.g. 500*300*24) the s/w has
no problem.

Does anyone know what the limitations of this function
are? How big the file can be? and whether it can
provide sufficient accuracy to deal with an image with
16bit depth and upwards?

An additional question would be regarding the entire
process I am using to create this piece. Can anyone
suggest any other methods/processes to go from a 2D
Image, in which the 3rd dimesion(depth)is represented
by Grey Level, to a STL file ?

I'm a newcomer to this technology and any information
anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time,
Joseph Gallagher

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