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From: John Brock <>
Date: Thu Jul 15 2004 - 06:49:44 EEST

We have some new tools in Rhino V3 included in the Bonus tools that can do that work now. There is a description and little Flash flics of the new commands at: down in the Mesh Tools section. Check out MeshHeightfield and ApplyMeshUVN. The Bonus Tools will run with the 25-save limit evaluation version of Rhino so you can try them out for yourself for free. Yes, I work there so I'm biased. I work in technical support and in development testing.

John Brock
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  Many years ago I used ArtCam to do this type of work. I have since switched to ZBrush, and am very happy with it. It will accept large bitmaps, up to 16bit greyscale or 24bit color. I do need to use another program (Deep Exploration) to translate to STL format, since ZBrush exports only OBJ or DXF. My cam system doesn't need watertight solids, though I think I could modify my process to create a watertight solid if required. If you can send me your bitmap, and give me the dimensions including depth, I'd be happy to give it a go. I have downloaded the DicomWorks application so you can send me the Dicom file if you wish.
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