[rp-ml] RE: Bitmap to STL

From: Chris Dordoni <dordoni_at_verizon.net>
Date: Thu Jul 15 2004 - 17:16:50 EEST

Yes, ZBrush does have a steep learning curve. I have learned enough to do what
I need to do, which is a very small percentage of what the program is capable
of. I would not call myself even a moderately skilled user.

Check out http://www.pixolator.com for ZBrush work by advanced users.

ZBrush v2 was released a few months back, and I have not had a chance yet to
try out the new displacement mapping functions, which I expect will greatly
aid in the development of incredible textures in model geometry. The polygon
limitation of about 250,000 or so prior to v2 has been increased into the
millions. I previosly resorted to creating meshes outside of ZBrush with as
many as 2,500,000 polys and importing into ZBrush to do the heightfield from
bitmap translation. Though I have not tested this in v2 yet, I expect v2 of
the program to be able to generate objects with millions of polygon natively.

It is my hope that enough interest can be generated in ZBrush from people
creating models with the intent of producing them in a CAM process, that the
developers will address certain limitations that are critical to the process.
Real world units is one example. I have managed to work around these limits by
using other software.

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