[rp-ml] Stereolithography resins that would be food-grade for dry foods

From: Joe.Charlson <Joe.Charlson_at_target.com>
Date: Mon Aug 09 2004 - 15:33:10 EEST

We are looking to get stereolithography prototypes of small bottles to
send home with people for in-home testing with dry food-stuffs and
vitamins. We need these bottles by Aug. 17th.
Apparently, there are some better materials for this purpose, e.g.
Stereocol is one brand I have seen some literature on or Hunstman has a
family of resins for medical parts, e.g. Renshape, e.g. SL Y-C -9500, SL
Y-C 9500 FT1 or SLY-C 9300. Apparently, these materials can be used in
medical parts, are sterilizable and the parts conform to FDA USP Class
-> Does anyone know of US prototype shops that run these resins?
-> Does anyone have experience with these resins for a similar purpose?
Joe Charlson

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