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From: Bob Olsen <>
Date: Wed Aug 11 2004 - 22:21:01 EEST

Our experience with trying to link with suppliers of other services lead us
to the same conclusion David. Unless you have financial interests in each
other, it is really difficult to give up customer contacts to fellow
suppliers in the same industry, and outsourcing except occasionally seems
like a lot more trouble than it's worth.
We do refer customers to folks all the time that don't do exactly what we
do, but other than that.... Bob Olsen, Protogenic

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In order to service customers, if you specialize in one particular aspect of
what a customer wants, you will either force your customer to go look for
other types of work, or you can network. I would say that specialty service
providers already network, even within a specialty. Say SP #1 runs a
specialty SLA resin and the job queue is full but one of his customers wants
the part now. . . . He will then outsource the work to SP#2 that he/she
trusts can do the job.
As far as a specialty network, I think industries are skeptical of
SuperServiceProvider's Network. Call 800-GetAPart and we'll take care of
your needs by providing you with the best solution. . . yada yada. Network
Marketing schemes have used this type of thing in the past by grouping soap,
vacations, and automobiles. . . but it is typically not the best for the
customer. There is a perception that you are either getting an inferior
product, are limited in your choices, or that you are paying too much for
the "network." The customer thinks "Why can't I just call them directly?"
So, as service providers continue to consolidate and specialize, we will see
the networking model used. But my guess it will be a reciprocal -
unofficial network.

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Hello everybody,


I was reading an article by Todd Grimm and Terry Wohlers regarding the
future of service providers (SP). There, one of the solutions mentioned for
the surviving of the RP services providers would be specialisation! I agree
with that, but what about networking?


Don't you think that specialisation combined with networking, would be even
a better solution???....each SP, with a high knowledge in each specific
area, working as a network, produced a complete service were each SP would
incorporate his specialized "Know How"...and each SP would contribute with
it's selling/marketing efforts to the Network's well being.


Any comments on this subject? Does anyone know a success case that would
like to report?


Thank you in advance.


Best regards,

Bruno Araujo

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