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From: Bathsheba Grossman <>
Date: Thu Aug 12 2004 - 02:04:04 EEST

On Wed, 11 Aug 2004, Doug Johnson - ProtoCall, LLC wrote:
> Networking is exactly what I do for my customers.
> I also wind up doing work for my suppliers when they need things done.
> My customers know that I outsource everything, but they like the "one call
> does it all" aspect of my company.

Outsourcing works for me too; I have time to explain the fine points
of the process to customers, and help them with their wretched models.
Obviously not every customer needs that, but some do, and more
production-oriented companies don't always have the time or the
bedside manner to help them.

Certainly I refer away more people than I do work for -- my niche is
small -- but I don't worry about that, it's my contribution to the
greater world of RP. Until they invent the machine that builds every
material at every resolution, I feel safe predicting that both
monetized and informal networking will continue to be a large factor
in that world.


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