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Date: Tue Aug 24 2004 - 14:55:30 EEST

Hi Dean,

I have a Eden 330 (which as far as I know, is exactly the same as the 260,
except the build envelope dimensions) and I am pleased with it.

You don't say how tall are your typical geometries, or if they are "hollow
closed box" types or "open box" types. I ask this since that will interfere
profoundly on the material costs in each model. Since you have to use a
support resin (which is not reusable), all overhanging features will require
the use of Support resin from the base of the platform till the mentioned
feature. In a closed hollow box, that means that at the end, you will have a
model completely full of dense Support resin on the inside and that
represents quite a lot of money to be literally washed away! I think this is
the main factor to choose or not this technology.

Besides that, it is incredibly fast for small to medium sized models (big
models take much more time then other technologies, since you are building
them at a 16micron layer rate!), impressible user-friendly (but for office
use, you do need a good long builds, the resin vapours can
become sickening).

In terms of precision and finishing quality, it's very good and in your
case, they have the advantage that they can be used "as produced" in water
environments. Doesn't require much post-processing (just the water-jet
cleaning), and if you want a perfectly smooth surface, some paper sanding is

The resin used gives some flexibility in thin clips, but being Acrylic
based, expect a brittle behaviour in thick parts.... and about it's cost,
it's expensive (I think they all are.)!

In terms of maintenance, is years ahead from 3D Systems services!!!!!
Although it is still a young technology (I have had same wild problems), the
guys at Objet have made an excellent job, with a prompt response, no fuss
with shipping new parts at their expenses (the machine is still under
warranty) and comparing with the SLS machine I also have, it's much easier
to make the "on the phone repair".

I didn't understand what you meant with the IDEAS software thing...

Hope that this information will help you. If you have more questions, please
feel free to post them.


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      I'm after some general advise really and wondered if anyone had any
relevant information or experience with any of the office environment
concept modeller's listed below (or any others). I am a design engineer
working for a shower manufacturer, we have approx 20 designers. Most of
our parts are injection moulded polymers and are usually no bigger than 3 "
square, anything bigger we would use a burea. I am currently investigating
these concept modellers for use in our office, as i'm sure you'll agree it
gets a bit grey as to what exactly this machines can and cant do and how
they perform in the workplace. Any advice is greatly appreciated

   Objet Eden 260
   3D systems-invision si2
   Stratasys- dimension-prodigy plus

We have a budget of around 50k and below are some of the main requirements
for the m/c

1. CAD system IDEA's master series 9
2. maintenance/material costs and cleanliness
3. build accuracy
4. some flexibility in models for small clip features.
5. use in water environment (can be lacquered if required)
6. ease of post operations i.e supports etc
7. user friendly
8. Build time

Thanks for your help
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