[rp-ml] Scouting for job opportunities

From: Klas Boivie <kbv_at_iip.kth.se>
Date: Fri Aug 27 2004 - 18:20:57 EEST

Hi Listers,

This spring my project eventually pushed me over the line and made me a
Ph.D., specialised in metallic application of SFF technology. Meanwhile my
university is eager to keep me and continue the activities in this field,
the financial situation for this is uncertain, (to say the least,) and I
can't take it for granted. Therefore I am currently scouting the market for
job opportunities, and since I'd rather stay in this field and if possible
apply some of my acquired knowledge to new challanges, I thought that this
might be a good forum to mention my interest. I'm fairly mobile and would
not be adverse to relocate if a suitable position would be available. Any
interested parties, -please respond off-list and thus save our collegues'
time and precious mailbox space.

Best regards

Klas Boivie
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