Re: [rp-ml] Nice to be back

From: Terry Wohlers <>
Date: Fri Aug 27 2004 - 19:22:33 EEST

Hi Larry,

It will be interesting to see whether eMachineShop succeeds. The article on it in USA Today is favorable. Have you downloaded and tried the free design software?

Best regards,


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  Welcome back Henri...

  By the way, has anyone else seen this?

>Welcome to eMachineShop - where you can design, price, and order your
  custom parts online!
>eMachineShop is the remarkable new way to get the custom parts you need -
  the first true online machine shop. Download our
>free software, draw your part, and click to order - it's that easy! Your
  part will be machined and delivered. Even better,
>your cost is low due to the Internet, software, and automated machines.
>Intelligent design software gives instant exact pricing, expert feedback,
  and unrivaled convenience.

  Larry Blasch

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  Subject: [rp-ml] Nice to be back

  Hello everyone!

  Haven't seen you since 2001... Hardly bare to wait what has happened
  during these three years.

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