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From: Brock Hinzmann <>
Date: Mon Aug 30 2004 - 02:55:08 EEST

Sorry Abhishek. I figured everyone knew what a bobblehead
is, but maybe they are called something else in other
countries or maybe some places don't have them. They are
not models. They are finished products, in the form of a
novelty item, consisting of the head, which sits on a
spring on the neck of a body; the head is usually bigger
than the body. We have bobbleheads of sports heroes,
caricatures of politicians, or animal heads or just funny
people. Some people put them in the rear windows of their
automobiles, so that when the car moves, the heads bobble
up and down and back and forth. Other people just have
them on their office desk or in their home and push the
head with their finger to make it bobble. They are for
fun. In this case, however, people are having their own
heads put on their choice of some sort of standard body,
like a wedding couple or on the body of some great
athlete. It's like going to a fair and having your
photograph taken with your head sticking out of a hole of
a picture of a weightlifter. Of course, maybe not
everyboddy does that, either, but I hope I have done a
better job of explaining the concept this time.

Have fun.


On Sun, 29 Aug 2004 14:49:29 -0700 (PDT)
  Abhishek Goel <> wrote:
>What are these models used for by the customers?
>Brock Hinzmann <> wrote:Today's
>local paper had two interesting items that may be
>RP-related. I'll start with the easy one:
>A local entrepreneur has created a business, 3D Clone, to
>take digital 3-D pictures of people, send the data to
>Xiamen, China, where they make custom bobbleheads on "a
>3-D printer", which are then finished and painted and
>shipped back to San Jose and matched up with the
>choice of 100 different standard bodies.
>I'll send the second item separately, so seeparatee
>strings can be created by anyone wanting to comment.
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