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Date: Mon Aug 30 2004 - 17:46:51 EEST

SLS was used to evaluate the potential to create geometry and control the
physical properties of a bio-ceramic. Casey Fox was the PI.

Dr. Stephen Schmitt


14785 Omicron Drive
San Antonio, TX 78245
(210) 677-6042

PI: W. Casey Fox
(210) 677-0354
Contract #: F41624-97-C-2000UNIV. OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN
Main Building 201
Austin, TX 78713
(512) 471-6424

ID#: 107100121
Agency: AF
Topic#: 95-005
Title: Laser Sintered Calcium Phosphate Bone
Abstract: In collaboration with The University of Texas Health Science
Center at San Antonio and University of Texas at Austin, BioMedical Enterprises,
Inc. is proposing to develop methods and systems for Selective Laser Sintering
(SLS) of calcium and phosphate powder mixtures to form complex
three-dimensional bone structures for use as a degradable or permanent osseous scaffold.
Calcium phosphate compositions can be formed into implants to repair skeletal
abnormalities and trauma. Phase I objectives demonstrated biocompatibility,
computer aided tomographic (CAT) image acquisition and formation of anatomical bony
structures from porous and structurally strong calcium phosphate. Test
materials were chemically, microstructurally and structually characterized. Implants
were evaluated in vivo to restore an atrophic alveolar ridge. Phase II
activities will involve the development of a pilot scale SLS bone manufacturing
system consistent with medical device manufacturing practices. The instrumentation
and methods will be established to allow CAT scan images to be input to the
SLS system. Post-processing to cure and sterilize the synthetic bone material
will be implemented to supply animal and human studies. FDA approvals will be
sought and human clinical trials will be established.
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