RE: [rp-ml] Sinterstation 2000 problems!!

From: David K. Leigh <>
Date: Tue Sep 07 2004 - 17:25:03 EEST

Comments below.

1. Part strength are not what they should be? We are using Laser Power as
required.( We have used a maximum Laser Power of 6.2Watts for PA and 6.0
watts for PA-GF). I am comparing the part strength to to that of Vanguard HS
parts. Can you shed some light on this.
[David K. Leigh] Are you using the GUI display to calculate your wattage?
The SLS system does not have active power calibration and you may have to
increase your laser power setting in order to get the right wattage at the
part bed. Also, if your part bed is too cold, it will also result in lower
than normal density.

  2. Part warpage. There is no sign of Curling during initial sintering of
heat shield but the parts will get warped..In one of the cases the parts
warped after 75mm of build, and the warping was so sevcere that the build
was aborted)
  [David K. Leigh] See above. . . you may want to increase your part bed
temperature until it is hard to break out, then decrease a little at a time.
The thermal characteristics on the SLS2000 are mixed. You will see a bit
more curl, partly due to the smaller build area - therefore a smaller "sweet
spot." But, overall our 2000 yields the most consistent temperatures.

  3. The actual time taken for the build is more than 50 - 60% of the
estimated time in case of multiple parts and in most other cases it is more
by 20 -30%. But in some cases we have obeserved that it completes exactly as
per the estimated time.
  [David K. Leigh] This is really not a big deal. The scanning system on
the 2000 is quite a bit slower, so it will take much longer for thick cross
section parts.

  4. We are not using Outline scanning. If we use Outline scanning then the
machine will run forever :( ....Typically, we have observed that the parts
quality as well as strength is better when we use Outline scanning. But a 23
hr build took around 58h to complete!!
  [David K. Leigh] Sounds like you made the right choice. . .

  5. We have disabled the downdraft in the system. Is that correct or wrong
  [David K. Leigh] Downdraft is not necessary on Duraform. It does help
even the part bed temperature out, but duraform has a decent operating

  Good Luck!

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