[rp-ml] Stratasys &&&&&&&&&&& Accuracy joke !!!!!

From: John Kerr <johnnkerrr_at_yahoo.com.sg>
Date: Fri Sep 17 2004 - 10:35:56 EEST

dear list,
can someone explain me how stratasys write on catalogue for fdm maxum (same for all systems i believe) accuracy specs as 0.0015 "/inch (0.038 mm/mm) ?
Till that time stratasys have TA & asociates on their side to prepare reports with greatest accuracy strides of FDM i do not think they will worry. Even they fail to notice TA - nobody compares accuracies with flat plate parts of 2-3 hrs build. Nice attempt but lacks complete understanding of rp processes. I know for sure it was attempted at Dr. Peschges report on SLA-5000Vs FDM8000. But no comparison.
My advise to TA - do some constructive work for rp community not just making reports for small bucks

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