RE: [rp-ml] Stratasys &&&&&&&&&&& Accuracy joke !!!!!

From: Todd Grimm <>
Date: Fri Sep 17 2004 - 15:42:47 EEST

Thank you for your advice regarding reports for small bucks and
doing something for the RP community. These are very wise
Are you aware that the data in question appears in "User's Guide
to Rapid Prototyping," a book published by the Society of
Manufacturing Engineers? I believe this adheres to your sound
At present "User's Guide to Rapid Prototyping" has been
incorporated in several college curriculums and is being
reviewed by many others. To date, none of the educators has had
any concern over the test data, but I will advise you if any
concerns are raised.
Like you, I believe that we must all do something for the RP
community. I would like to hear more about what your are doing
and for whom. In the past two weeks, my contributions include
three presentations at industry events and an article on direct
metal RP systems for "Manufacturing Engineering." For each, I
received no compensation.
I can appreciate your concern over the accuracy data. I have
reviewed Dr. Peschges report, and I agree that it shows SL to be
superior in accuracy. But, are you aware that the report was
written in 1999? I certainly hope that both SL and FDM have
advanced in five years. If you would like, I will forward the
test part STL file to you. Build as many as you like and send me
the best one (even though my testing specified building one part
to prevent tweaking of build parameters to dial in accuracy). I
will have that part inspected and will publish the results on
the rp-ml.

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Subject: [rp-ml] Stratasys &&&&&&&&&&& Accuracy joke !!!!!

dear list,
can someone explain me how stratasys write on catalogue for fdm
maxum (same for all systems i believe) accuracy specs as 0.0015
"/inch (0.038 mm/mm) ?
Till that time stratasys have TA & asociates on their side to
prepare reports with greatest accuracy strides of FDM i do not
think they will worry. Even they fail to notice TA - nobody
compares accuracies with flat plate parts of 2-3 hrs build. Nice
attempt but lacks complete understanding of rp processes. I know
for sure it was attempted at Dr. Peschges report on SLA-5000Vs
FDM8000. But no comparison.
My advise to TA - do some constructive work for rp community not
just making reports for small bucks

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