RE: [rp-ml] Envisiontec Perfactory references

From: Steven Adler \(_A3DM\) <>
Date: Sun Sep 26 2004 - 04:05:00 EEST

Hello Steve

        I have owned a Perfactory Mini by Envisiontec for over one year
now and am happy to report that I am quite happy with the quality and
reliability of the system and process. I can not comment on "as fast as
they claim" because build speed depends greatly on the layer thickness
and material one might choose. I can say that the throughput is very
high when compared with other technologies and that the cost of
operation and material waste is low

        Anyone having specific questions about my experience, please
feel free to contact me "off-list" directly by E-mail or telephone and I
will be happy to elaborate further




Steven Adler

Automated 3D Modeling, Inc


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>>>>>I was looking for some users of the Envisiontec Perfactory system.
>>>>>-How is the machine for part quaiity and reliability?
>>>>>-Is it as fast as they claim?
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