[rp-ml] RP Patent Documents Have Now Reached The 2,500 Milestone!

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Hi Folks:

Highlights of the latest edition of the RP PATENT ALERT NEWSLETTER are now
available on The Worldwide Guide to Rapid Prototyping web site. A record total
of 224 RP patents and applications were published from 6/8/04 to 9/7/04. The
total number of US rapid prototyping patent documents has now reached 2,500.
If the present rate of publication is maintained, there will be 3,500 about a
year from now.

Read More About ....
-- Sceenprinting-based technology to produce many copies of a product or part

-- Hundreds to thousands of wide-area inkjet heads used to fabricate entire
complex products in seconds.

-- The fine performance of inkjet printing used to get around major RP

-- Three dimensional printing from 2D printing devices that could place RP
technology in the hands of anyone with a printer.

-- Mask-based photopolymer-exposure techniques by direct inkjet writing.

-- High surface area porous electrodes for electrolytic capacitors made by

-- Translucent images and new novelty articles to represent famous persons
made by RP.

-- Photopolymers with selectable properties.

-- Parts that can be immediately removed from an RP machine with a new three
dimensional printing (3DP) material system that binds in seconds.

-- The injection molding of living tissues.

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These are the briefest highlights. Enormous efforts are being exerted in the
areas of technology, rapid manufacturing and tooling, materials and medicine.
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