Fw: [rp-ml] Polishing Invision models...

From: Sebastian Deniz <sdeniz_at_robtec.com>
Date: Wed Sep 29 2004 - 23:28:53 EEST

Does anyone have any thoughts on this??

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From: Sebastian Deniz
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Subject: [rp-ml] Polishing Invision models...

Hello people,

We are having problems in polishing Invision models to make a silicone mold and later inject transparent parts...

Since the part material of an invision model has a percentage of "wax", Im thinking that there may be some issues where problems might appear:
1) Is there any problems in making silicone molds using these parts? Will the silicone react to with the material?
2) We found that when trying to paint and polish invision parts, the solvent of the paint reacts with the part making it very difficult to achieve a polished finish (for example for making a transparent part using vacuum casting).

Does anyone have experience with this?
Any tips or thoughts on this issue will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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