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From: Cote' Art & Engineering <>
Date: Wed Oct 06 2004 - 04:15:31 EEST

    In high precision machining the convention is "room temperature" 68
degrees Fahrenheit.

But my guess is that the problem is much more difficult than you
imagine. With an object as large as this the effects of gravity would
be very profound!

Caleb Walker wrote:

>I believe you are going to have a problem here...even if you can get someone
>to agree to the tolerance you will have to ask your customer at what temp do
>they want it to measure up! I believe(though haven't checked) it takes very
>little change in temp to cause an aluminum part to vary by 1 micron....
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>I have a big problem.
>The problem is this cylindrical part, roughly 50 mm in diameter and 150
>mm in height. It has relatively simple geometry
>but the part dimensions must be within 1 micron tolerance.
>Can anyone build an aluminum part like this?

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