RE: [rp-ml] Sterilization Protocol for Huntsman SL H-C 9100

From: Bob Olsen <>
Date: Thu Oct 07 2004 - 16:25:17 EEST

Richard, thanks! Yours is the first reponse. Best regards, Bob

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Hi Bob,
In case you haven't had any info yet:
The USP 23 Class VI test is designed to assess the affects of the temporary
contact of human fluids with plastics. The definition of temporary varies
but 60 minutes or less would count as temporary in most definitions.
Stereocol has been used extensively in the oral cavity for several years,
most notably by Materialise for their SurgiGuides (dental drilling guides).
So there is some track record to refer to.

In terms of sterilisation autoclaving is not recommended as it exceeds the
glass transition temperature of the resin and therefore the part may distort
significantly. The following methods work but typically have slightly longer
lead times than autoclaving. Gamma is normally only used in production line
facilities. Ethylene Oxide is the most commonly used low temperature method
in hospitals in the UK.

    - Ethylene oxide (EO) at 55C. This is the most popular method, and
should be available at most hospitals.
    - Gamma radiation. This is more commonly used in factory environments,
and may not be available in hospitals.
    - Low temperature (and pressure) steam (at 75*C). Regular steam (at
100*C) will damage the model.
    - Formaldehyde at 80C

In terms of keeping the part before use, it should be kept cool, dry and
away from bright light. If discolouration is not important to the function
then the lacquer need not be used. However, in our experience eventually the
lacquer will wear with handling and bright day light will penetrate to
discolour the model. I would advise that the model is kept well protected
and used for its primary purpose without too much delay.

Kind regards,


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Dear List:

Huntsman sells the SL H-C 9100 resin for the SLA 250. Their spec sheet says
that parts made from this resin conform to FDA-approved USP Class VI
testing, and parts can be sterilized. However, Huntsman has no
sterilization protocol for this SLA resin.

Does anyone on the list have a sterilization protocol for this resin they
can share?

Or if not, perhaps a protocol for another SLA resin they can share? Thanks!

Best regards, Bob Olsen
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