[rp-ml] 27th RP Symposium in Japan

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Date: Tue Oct 12 2004 - 02:45:40 EEST

Date: 18.11.2004 10$B!'(B00$B!A(B17$B!'(B00
Place: TOYOTA Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology
Contack:JARI TEL/FAX$B!'(B+80(0)45-771-4709$B!!(BE-mail$B!'(Brpjp@rpjp.or.jp

 Keynote : Toolmaking in Toyota
 New Technology
                  SINTERSTATION$B!!(BHiQ$B!J(BERSTATION$B!!(BHiQ in 3D
                  EFAB Process in Micofabric
                  New Material in Aspect
 and User repot, 2004SSF Report, Reserch Work(12)

  Masato Imamura$B!$(BDr.Eng.
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