[rp-ml] removing loose powder on sls parts

From: Steinar Killi <Steinar.Killi_at_aho.no>
Date: Thu Oct 21 2004 - 09:27:48 EEST

Dear List (at least those who are left)

We are producing sls parts for surgical use and the parts needs to be
100% dust free (no loose powder that can fall of during use) it is a lot
of parts and the geometry is slightly difficult..
My question is: does anyone now about a method to remove the loose
powder on a larger quantity (+200 parts) close to a 100% ? I am not
looking for a finishing method. (the surface does not have to be smooth)

Thanks for any response!

Steinar Killi
Received on Thu Oct 21 08:34:08 2004

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