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Dear kim:

Big small news !
Albright Announces:




A New Method Of Fabrication For MEMS Devices.


    Albright Technologies, Inc. has been producing innovative prototype
rapid tooling and commercial plastic products for more than a decade. They
began expanding into the micro tooling area about 4 years ago.

   Dave Comeau president of Albright Technologies:


 "We have been working on MEMS fabrication of thermoplastic parts. We
believe the most viable method of producing MEMS devices is with molded
parts. Phase one was to machine a model of the part. We chose to mill a gear
with an OD of 150 microns with 0.5 micron resolution, using a 25 micron end
mill with 75 micron length of cut."


 The 3D micro milling machine, designed by Albright, has an axis of
resolution in the sub micron range, with the ability to process any
machinable material. We believe it is possible to mill 1-2 micron features
and to do it in true 3D.


    Future directions include the creation of an injection molding process
to mold parts based on models milled in the machine.


      Albright Technologies is working closely with Professor Joey Mead at
the University of Massachusetts at Lowell to investigate these new
applications of Albright's micro molding technology. Albright is currently
looking for additional applications and potential partners for this





David Comeau

 <mailto:david@albright1.com> david@albright1.com


 <http://www.albright1.com/> www.albright1.com

Albright Technologies, Inc

Sterling, MA



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