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 Does anyone have personal information about the process Bego is using to
 create dental copings directly from metal powder. The process is similar to
 but they claim precise parts.
 Dr. Stephen Schmitt
 San Antonio Tx
Dr. Schmitt:

The process smells a lot like selective laser melting.

I've attached some US patent application references for you below my
signature. Although it's not likely they'll provide much in the way of quantitative
data, you can use the information in them to expand your search.


Ed Grenda
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Arlington, MA 02474 USA
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The Worldwide Guide to Rapid Prototyping

US Pat Appl 20020187458 Method for producing tooth replacements and auxiliary
dental parts
Abstract In a method for forming a dental part, a laser beam is guided over a
powder layer of biocompatible material. The laser is guided by a computer
controlled laser scanning system based on data representing the shape of
cross-section through the shaped body. The powder is substantially melted by the laser
beam to form a layer in the shaped body, to build the shaped body entirely
from layers of laser-melted material.
Inventors: Dolabdjian, Haig; (Feldkirchen, DE) ; Strietzel, Roland;
(Lilienthal, DE)

US Pat Appl 20030003420 Process for producing a dental prosthesis

US Pat Appl 20030205851 Device and method for producing freely formed
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