[rp-ml] We've Moved. Please change your records

From: Richard M. Harrington <rharrington_at_harringtonpdc.com>
Date: Fri Nov 05 2004 - 22:29:06 EET

We've done it. After 11 years on Tennessee Ave, we moved to a new
Please adjust your records to the new information below.
We are settled, ready, willing and able to assist you in your product
development efforts. Please contact us with any part of the development
process you need assistance with. Keep in mind, our services include:
* Product Design
* Engineering
* Prototyping
* Silicone Tooling/Urethane Casting
* Epoxy, Aluminum & Short run tooling
* Injection, Compression, RIM Tooling
* Vacuum Forming
* CNC Machining
To name a few.
We hope to hear from you soon.
Rick Harrington
Harrington Product Development Center
"Your partner in product development solutions"
4700 Smith Road, Suite R
Cincinnati, Ohio 45212
Phone: 513.482.4702
Fax: 513.482.4706
Email: <mailto:rharrington@harringtonpdc.com>
FTP: <ftp://ftp.harringtonpdc.com> ftp.harringtonpdc.com
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