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<< Subj: [rp-ml] Inexpensive 3D printer?
 Date: 04-11-27 18:40:40 EST
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 Hello list,
 About a year ago there were rumors that an inexpensive 3D printer was being
developed for sale in the $1,000 range. I have just recently re-joined the RP
list so have not stayed current with this. Is there an economical 3D printer
available now? Thanks.
Hi Randy:

The rumors of a $1,000 RP machine have been greatly exaggerated. That was
the HP "Bunny Burner." Considering the battles HP is fighting in digital
photography, it's unlikely they'll get back to that any time soon, I'd guess.

Stratasys and Z Corp. are still the price leaders in the Western Hemisphere
at about $25K. There are photopolymer-based machines available in Japan at
about $10K. There have also been manual LOM methods that are probably available
for much less, but I don't know about currently. See this page on our site to
find all commercial providers:


Ed Grenda
Castle Island Co. (email)

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