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From: Pat Warner <>
Date: Sat Dec 04 2004 - 13:14:43 EET


Nanoform isn't really aimed at the ceramic market. Prototool would be a
better comparison to Bluestone. Both systems are heavily loaded giving
good stiffness and thermal stability.


OptoForm is capable of manufacturing ceramic components, although there
are not too many of these systems around now. I believe there are still
a few of the original French machines running commercially and some of
the 3D beta machines are still in circulation.



>>> Bob Olsen <> 03/12/2004 19:44:23 >>>
Do the new resins, Bluestone from 3D and the Nanoform SLA from Somos
as ceramic materials?

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LOM, SLS, and Z-Corp have ceramic type materials. Z-Corp is more of a
type material for casting shells. LOM is not really a viable product.
ceramic materials are mainly academic. There is some SiC (silicon
work out of the Univ. of Texas that has yielded promising results, but
has not been done on a large scale. We've had some ceramic parts made
for a
few customers, but not much.

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Subject: [rp-ml] Ceramic structures using RP

Good morning,


I have a question. I just subscribed to this mail list so please be
I've been working on a comparative analysis of the RP processes
everyone!?!) and I'm trying to determine which processes can provide a
using ceramic materials. Can someone please give me a list of
that can be used with ceramic materials? I'd like to have some samples
to test the typical characteristics such as dimensional accuracy,
finish, strength, etc. I will be testing all types of materials such
as the
plastics, metals, ceramics, and so on. I just want to make sure I
captured all the processes that can do ceramics.


Also, on a side note, I've been trying to get an .stl file from the
benchmark part used in the rapid prototype journal entry titled
"Benchmarking for comparative evaluation of RP systems and processes"
by M.
Mahesh, Y.S. Wong, J.Y.H. Fuh, and H.T. Loh, found in Volume 10 Number
dated 2004, pp. 123-135. Does anyone have a copy of this model file
can send to me? I'd appreciate any help you can provide.


I only have a cursory knowledge of RP processes but I'm trying to ramp
fast. I'd appreciate any information that can be provided to me.


Thank you,


Jim Good

Muniz Engineering

In Situ Fabrication and Repair


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