RE: [rp-ml] FW: Geometric Accuracy of RP parts

From: Anshuman Razdan <>
Date: Tue Dec 28 2004 - 06:48:48 EET

It depends on the tolerance. Laser is good, but requires dull surfaces
for best results. Any sharp angles or shiny metal will throw it off.
There are other metrology techniques but they are not fast. Speed vs
accuracy is the age old problem.




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    This is a very important idea you're looking into. I don't have
specific recommendations of scanners for you, but just thought I'd chime
in about the concept. Even in a terrestrial application, it's this kind
of thing that will provide the feedback to ensure that a fabber is on
track, and let it make mid-course corrections. It's obviously that much
more critical in a remote application, like space.


    I'd be interested to learn more about your project as it progresses.


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Marshall Burns





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Subject: [rp-ml] FW: Geometric Accuracy of RP parts

I thought I would throw this out. I am looking into inspection
equipment that will verify the geometric accuracy of my RP part, after
fabrication, and actually during fabrication. I've looked at laser
scanning and got some good input already. I'd like everyone's opinion
on what system they are using and what they believe to be the best
system to verify geometric accuracy. The ultimate goal is to build a
fabricator that contains an integral inspection station. This system
would be used in space for repair and fabrication of new parts. Any




Jim Good


Muniz Engineering Inc.

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