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I appreciate your interest and your observations. Yes, the inspection
system will be important in the overall system. That is why we are looking
at all the possible hardware that is available. Laser scanners appear to be
the most promising. We will incorporate the scanner into the fabrication
process and it will allow us to monitor the accuracy of the build
layer-by-layer. That is our intent. You are right, we want to have the
ability to make proper corrections, real-time.


Here is our website that will explain a little about what our objectives are
and our vision. I would appreciate any input that may benefit us in our
pursuit of mission exploration. It is an exciting endeavor. Also, if
anyone has any suggestions on how to make this website better, let me know.
It's relatively new, so it will continue to undergo changes. Give me some
feedback and we can incorporate some of your suggestions. <>


I will keep the list updated on our progress. Right now we will take some
sample parts from selected vendors and processes and develop a benchmark.
We are looking at scanners that we can incorporate into the fabricator. We
may try to incorporate more than one process into our system. Lots of
things to look at, but we are only limited by our imagination!


Thanks again for the interest,




Muniz Engineering Inc.

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    This is a very important idea you're looking into. I don't have specific
recommendations of scanners for you, but just thought I'd chime in about the
concept. Even in a terrestrial application, it's this kind of thing that
will provide the feedback to ensure that a fabber is on track, and let it
make mid-course corrections. It's obviously that much more critical in a
remote application, like space.


    I'd be interested to learn more about your project as it progresses.


Best regards,

Marshall Burns <>





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I thought I would throw this out. I am looking into inspection equipment
that will verify the geometric accuracy of my RP part, after fabrication,
and actually during fabrication. I've looked at laser scanning and got some
good input already. I'd like everyone's opinion on what system they are
using and what they believe to be the best system to verify geometric
accuracy. The ultimate goal is to build a fabricator that contains an
integral inspection station. This system would be used in space for repair
and fabrication of new parts. Any thoughts?




Jim Good


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