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Date: Thu Dec 30 2004 - 05:03:47 EET

> I can tell you are writing as soon as I see the word FABBER
> mentioned. You are the only one that uses this word and

Well, Gary, I thought I'd take a look and see if what you say is right.
So I Googled fabber, and guess what, I gave up after 17 pages because
the relevant hits didn't get any less frequent. In the list below (18
hits), I've left out any that were written by me or resulted from direct
interviews of me. So all of the following uses of "fabber" are by people
I don't know and have never met. The references range from serious
analysis of technology trends to actual software documentation to
science fiction stories. Maybe the term is starting to catch on after

Happy New Year.


"Existing fabber technology is pretty interesting and no doubt
ultimately scalable to the nanoworld, ..."

Fabber Factories

VScan3D: STL Viewer
"These data are used by a slicing algorithm to determine the cross
sections of the 3-dimensional shape to be built by the fabber."

The Future is Plastic
"If all you need to make a toy or kitchen device is a fabber, a supply
of raw polymer powder, and a design file, how long before we see
"Napster Fabbing?""

Extreme Mass Customization And Personalization
"In the year 2021, you may not have to go to Wal-Mart or Circuit City or
even to purchase manufactured goods. Instead, you'll go to the
Internet, down-load a digital description of the desired item to your
home Fabber, and voila, it will be immediately manufactured in your very
own home."

GPL Society: Applying free/open-source software model to goods
production in general
"How can physical things be easily replicated like free/open-source
software? With fabbers."

for fabber enthusiasts..
"Personal fabbers... Actually, not so science fiction"

(listing of links)

Fabbing Mayhem for the Masses
"Now, if you had the design specs for one of those, and an
"emachineshop" fabber... The rest would come pretty intuitively to
anybody living under weapons sanctions."

"'ArtFabber' is a privately owned, on-line gallery ... The word 'fabber'
comes from a nickname for rapid prototyping machines."

InfoWar: Final Frontier of the Digital Revolution
"Jonathan's industrial grade Hewlett-Packard DeskFab 9GSII fabber had
produced a nice matte black suitcase."

Character Info
"Fabbys, Full Name: Fabber Bots ... They build things, and can be used
as assassins."

New here, Can I pick my own weapon?
"Toast 1 piece of bread (or have a fabber make it, they look to be able
to handle that readily)."

Drumwaster's Rants
"Seems like someone is always using some kind of subtractive fabber ..."

Schlock Mercenary
"he'd SEEN the guts of the fabber Petey was claiming to have used to
grow PD brains"

A little dabbling in the realm of the Wolfskunks
"Traced it to a node in the utility spire ... around the hydroponic
gardens and the industrial fabbers. It's all automated stuff there

In German:

Emanzipatorische Vision, Eigentum und Freie Software
        (Emancipatory Vision, Property and Free Software)
"Aber die Automatisierung schreitet schnell voran :-)
CNC-Maschinen, Industrieroboter, Fabber"
        ("But automation progresses fast: -) CNC machines, robot,

"Fabber sind so eine Art 3-D-Drucker."
        ("A fabber is a kind of 3-D printer.")
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