RE: [rp-ml] Invision Water Absorbtion

From: Steven Adler \(_A3DM\) (
Date: Tue Jan 04 2005 - 08:40:00 EET

Let us assume for the moment, that to some degree all photopolymers are
hygroscopic. The real questions to ask are the effects on dimensional
accuracy and the structural fitness of the pattern for the intended

Any comments .... ?




Steven Adler

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>>>>>Subject: [rp-ml] Invision Water Absorbtion
>>>>>We performed a simple test to determine the water
>>>>>absorbtion of a part made on an Invision system.
>>>>>Here are the results:
>>>>>1. Initial weight 21.4 grams
>>>>>2. Weight after soaking in water for twenty-four hours at
>>>>>20 degrees C- 21.7 grams
>>>>>3. Weight after soaking in water for forty-eight hours at
>>>>>20 degrees C- 21.8 grams
>>>>>4. Weight after soaking for a week was the same as for
>>>>>forty- eight hours
>>>>>If anybody else has performed similar measurementss,
>>>>>please send us an email.

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