[rp-ml] 1/3/05 Update for the Worldwide Guide to Rapid Prototyping web site

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Date: Wed Jan 05 2005 - 20:52:54 EET

Hi Folks:

We've just completed updating and enlarging several major sections of the
Worldwide Guide to Rapid Prototyping web-site.

** The Abstracts of the Solid Freeform Fabrication Proceedings for 2004 are
now included in Mom, (The Mother of All RP Bibliographies). More than 930
papers in the Proceedings from 1990 through 2004, trace the development of many
rapid prototyping technologies from inception through commercialization. The
Proceedings are the permanent record of the Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium
held annually at the University of Texas at Austin. Many thanks to Dr. David
Bourell and Rosalie Foster for making the materials available.

** Our RPML Archive now has more than 23,000 pages of material. More than
nine years of RPML postings are available for downloading.

** Highlights of the latest edition of the RP PATENT ALERT NEWSLETTER are now
available on The Worldwide Guide to Rapid Prototyping web site. A total of
178 RP patents and applications were published from 9/7/04 to 12/7/04. The
total number of US rapid prototyping patent documents is now approaching 2,700.

Read More About ....
-- A new method of RP offering the potential for very low cost.

-- Microwave-based selective laser sintering.

-- Improvements to three dimensional printing for greater accuracy and
glossy, transparent parts.

-- Custom foam shipping package technology.

-- Miniature laminated object manufacturing; possibly competitive with LIGA
or EFAB from Microfabrica, Inc.

-- Additive fabrication of efficient radomes.

-- A customized walking stick or hiking staff as a navigational aid.

-- Direct manufacturing of printing plates.

-- Inkjet printing of biological cells.

-- Fabricating realistic models for training in battlefield trauma and other
medical procedures.

*** Find out what's really going on in the world of RP!
These are the briefest highlights. Enormous efforts are being exerted in the
areas of technology, rapid manufacturing and tooling, materials and medicine.
Use the red *PATENTS HOT NOW* button on our home page to jump to the RP
Patent Alert Newsletter or just click on the PATENTS button at the top of any page.

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