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From: Terry Wohlers (tw@wohlersassociates.com)
Date: Mon Jan 10 2005 - 23:25:56 EET

Happy New Year!

I am distributing the following email for Pam Waterman. She was unable to send it successfully to the list.

Best wishes to everyone for a safe and productive 2005.


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-------- Original Message -------- Subject: RP article research on standards and materials
      Date: Fri, 07 Jan 2005 14:23:19 -0700
      From: Pamela J. Waterman <engineeringink@earthlink.net>
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Hello rp-ml from Pam Waterman:

    I'm a Contributing Editor for Desktop Engineering magazine and am looking for input for researching two articles:

    1) I'd like to discuss progress on creating industry standards for either materials or processes, but have not found anything "official" since the NIST work last reported on in 1999. The RP committee at ASTM (E28.16) is also apparently defunct. I remember Phil Dickens of Loughboro University leading a good session on this topic at RP&M 2002, but haven't tracked anything down since then. Terry Wohlers has recently mentioned to me that this simply might not happen until one commercial company comes out with a really good system that sets de facto standards for machines, materials and data formats. So, is the RP industry making any progress as far as standards are concerned? Is there work going at universities or other companies that should be brought to light, that someone is willing/able to talk about? (Or do I need to come up with another article topic fast....)

    2) Separately, I'm doing a piece on the newest materials, and again am particularly interested in improvements in their properties. I'll be contacting the usual system companies, plus the independent suppliers that I know about, such as DSM Somos, Sibco, Vantico Renshape Solutions, but please consider this an invitation to contact me about other sources -- the best part of my work is helping people find out about new solutions to their design/build problems.

    I've been reading this forum off and on since 1997, and am glad that so many contributors are still here in spite of the spam problems.

Pamela J. Waterman
Contributing Editor -- Desktop Engineering
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