[rp-ml] I looking for RP job in Australia.

From: Ralph @ NGS (@)
Date: Wed Jan 19 2005 - 12:30:33 EET

Hi All,

I hope this message will not be against the List customs.

I looking for RP job in Australia.
Now I am working for big Russian Jewellery company as 3D designer and
operator of RP system (T66) made by Solidscape inc.
I have a lot of experience in creating models for mass jewellery production and VIP presents.
I like create 3D models and work with RP systems.
My resume you may see on my homepage here: http://atollnsk.ru/ralph/?id=resume
This site contains some photos of my works: http://atollnsk.ru/ralph/?id=gallery

Faithfully yours,
and with kind regards,
Rafael Baigouzin                   mailto:ralpharn@ngs.ru

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