[rp-ml] Solidworks to Pro-E conversion - product or service?

From: Scott Tilton (stilton@protoprod.com)
Date: Mon Jan 24 2005 - 22:26:38 EET

Hey fellow fabbers,

I have a few native Solidworks 2005 parts modeled up that need to be Pro-E
native file format.

Sure . . . we can make an export from SW to any number of formats and get a
"dumb" solid body in Pro-E (non parametric editable)

But what we really need is a product or service that will do the conversion
for us.

Any one have any experience with this?

Also . . . was wondering if Pro-E had something like SolidWorks feature
recognition tool . . . which can oftentimes work wonderfully for turning an
imported body into a bunch of parametric features.

Thanks in advance.

Scott Tilton


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