[rp-ml] Camatini Vacuum Injection system

From: Kiran (office_mail_3@yahoo.co.in)
Date: Tue Jan 25 2005 - 11:09:08 EET

Dear Friends:
I am looking out for a CAMATINI Vacuum Injection System. Before buying the same, I thought it will be better to have your suggestions on the product. Can you please clarify some queries for me?
1. Is the system better than a general Vacuum Casting system from MCP/MK?
2. What are the PU materials that can be used?
3. Do we have to procure only Camatini PU materials or can we use any other materials from Hunstman, Axson etc.?
4. Any significant advantages of this machine??
I would be glad if you can take some time off to answer the above questions of mine..
Thanks and Regards,

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