Re: [rp-ml] Service Bureau for EOS made parts

From: Terry Wohlers (
Date: Wed Jan 26 2005 - 01:57:02 EET


Contact Tom Gogoe of the Synergeering Group ( for nylon parts. He's running the large EOSINT P 700 machine. For metal parts, contact Greg Morris of Morris Technologies ( Greg's company is running an EOSINT M 250 Xtended machine.

I hope this helps!


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  Subject: [rp-ml] Service Bureau for EOS made parts

  Does anyone know of a service bureau that has EOS equipment to make SLS parts? I know EOS will make some of my parts but I wanted another source for parts. Any ideas?


  Jim Good


  Muniz Engineering Inc.

  In Situ Fabrication and Repair (ISFR)




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