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Date: Mon Feb 14 2005 - 12:03:44 EET


Hi all:


I have been using the Objet 330 machine during the last year and I found also several problems; and I agree with you saying most of them were small problems. I think the most important we found was the one you say about the roller bath, but I think it is related with the size of the part that is being built, but that is not the cause; at least in our case.


The roller bath has a little box or container where the material removed from the roller is placed. An aspiration tube reaches that container and takes away that material to the place of the wasted material (placed on the right hand of the lower part) If the aspiration machine does not work properly, the material would stay in the container and, as the machine is printing, more material is coming to the container. The result is that this material starts to overflow.


In your case it can be that the aspiration pump is not working properly or the aspiration tube is a little bit collapsed. The result of this is that your pump is removing a lower amount of material than the one that is coming inside of the container, so the amount of material in the container starts to grow little by little, and, if the operation time is long (big parts) at the end it starts to overflow.


I would tell you to check the pump and the aspiration tubes; but in our case, we had to change the container because it has a cutter piece that was worn out. I hope this can be useful to you. Best regards.


Jorge González


Tecnun - University of Navarra




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>Hi all

>I am Using the EDEN 330 for about 1 year now, I would like to share with other users of this technology all the problems (mostly small) I have had with this machine.

>Users are welcome to ask any particular questions.

>Let's start with one: Roller bath overflowing with big parts, can anyone confirm this problem and if so how was it resolved?

>Thank you and I hope to get some positive feedback.



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