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Date: Fri Feb 25 2005 - 17:39:55 EET

Estimated Laura:


            I am a research student in the Rapid Prototyping laboratory
of the University of Navarra. We bought such a machine one year ago and
we are quite satisfied with it. We have the MCP 4/01 vacuum casting in
order to build silicon moulds and in order to fill them with several
plastic materials. There is a range of about 20 materials you can fill
with, and the result is very accurate and predictable.

            These machines are quite easy to use and they are very
clean, taking into account that you will have to work with liquid
elements with a high viscosity, with colours, etc.

            We have also two furnaces MCP - FD 240 to keep the moulds
and the resins at their appropriate temperature, and to solidify the
resins after each vacuum casting.

            You can see some samples in our web site


            Best regards



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Dear list,

we have been thinking of buying these equipments from MCP. Have any of

any experience with them? Any info will be very welcome.

Thank you





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