[rp-ml] Prototyping: Conductive Rubber Switchpads on the west coast?

From: Alex Do (do@oxy.edu)
Date: Wed Mar 02 2005 - 03:01:40 EET

For any of you prototyping bureaus out there, as part of a full product
prototyping process (I'm talking PCB and everything) do you ever find the
need to get low volume conductive rubber switchpads?
These are the rubber buttons with the black dots inside that when depressed
against a contact area on PCB shorts a connection - pretty standard for
remote controls, cell phones, cordless phones, etc. I do "product
prototyping" (in quotations because it's on an academic level) and rather
than making FDM buttons I'd like to emulate the look, feel, and operation of
a real device where conductive rubber switchpads are well applied. Plus it
makes the PCB prototyping fairly simple.
Alexander Do
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Ford Prototyping Studio
University of California, Berkeley
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