Re: [rp-ml] Water Proofing of SLS parts

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Date: Wed Mar 02 2005 - 04:16:58 EET

You might check CeRam-Kote 54 out - we used it for some RP (SL) water tunnel aircraft models with great success.
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Glenn Whiteside
CeRam-Kote 54 - Recommended for critical service. Ceramic particle loaded epoxy resin system for use in the toughest environments to protect expensive equipment. Excellent corrosion barrier, high adhesion, low permeability, sliding abrasion resistance, high surface lubricity, flexible, and is a fast, one-coat, two pass spray application. No primer needed. CeRam-Kote 54 ATM has ABS Type Approval as per certificate #99-HS27360-X and ABS Certificate of Design Assessment #03-115391002-PDA. CeRam-Kote 54 has Germanischer Lloyd Type Approval for seawater ballast water tanks, voids and cofferdams in Seagoing ships, Structural parts of offshore wind mills exposed to splash zone and seawater (approval #GL-CORR 1026 HH) and for Structural components of offshore wind mills, exposed to sea atmosphere (approval #GL-CORR 1027 HH). CeRam-Kote 54 DNV (Det Norske Veritas) Type Approval Certificate #K-1966 for protection of structural steel in ships ballast tanks, submerged in seawater, and in splash zone.
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  Subject: [rp-ml] Water Proofing of SLS parts

  Hi All:

  Does anyone know how to water proof SLS Nylon/ GF Nylon parts completely and yet retain its strength?

  Thanks in advance.

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